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2017-18 SEASON

JSBA Oze Iwakura K's snowboard school, we offer satisfying lessons in accordance with the level, from expert to the first time to snowboarding. In order to respond to customer's needs and aim for further improvement of services, we are developing private lessons. Private lessons for coaches and students are perceived as the most efficient lesson in order to conduct lessons in accordance with individual levels and needs. Because lesson fee is expensive, there was not a chance to be taken quite easily, but with the improvement of the quality of snowboard instructor and rationalization of reservation system, it was possible to offer at affordable price. Why do not you try taking this opportunity?

For further details, please contact, Oze Iwakura K’s Snowboard School
Tel: 0278-58-7770 e-mail: kssbs”at”k-snow.com (change”at”=@)

ADRESS Oze Iwakura Resort
2609 Tsuchiide, Katashinamura,Tone-Gun, Gunma-Ken 378-0412
TEL 0278-58-7770
Operating period December 23, 2017 〜 April 1, 2018
Reception time
Lesson time


Lesson Fee

Lesson Courses
Lesson Information
Lesson Fee
Lesson For
Addiotional Information
Private Lessons We respond to your request
Junior High School Student or Older Beginner for Ground Tricks and Alpine
Junior Private Lessons We respond to your request
Elementary School Student Younger than Elementary School Students Are Subject to Negotiation
Start Snowboarding from 0 Two Lesson Package
Junior High School Student or Older Maximum of Four. Those for Complete Biginners
One Lessom
Start Snowboarding from 0 Two Lesson Package
Elementary School Student Maximum of Three. Those for Complete Biginners
One Lessom
Expert Lesson Grade One Badge Holder/Intermediate Alpine/Intermediate Rough Terrain or Ground Tricks
- Reservations required
Private Group Lesson We respond to your request
Two Adults In the case of a group of only children, lift riding may not be possible.
Two Elementary School Students
One Adult plus One Elementary School Student
Three Adluts
Three Elementary School Students
One Adult plus Two Elementary School Student
Two Adult plus One Elementary School Student
More Than Four People
Instructer Lesson
Nomination Fee
Instructer Nomination
Additional ¥1,200
- Depending on The Instructor's Reservation and Attendance Status
Nomination With Other Reasons (Woman, Qualifications)
Additional ¥550
Pole Training Train Freely at Permanent Pole Burn
Weekend and Holidays
90 Minutes Pole Run with Lesson. For Both Alpine and Freestyle
- 1st Period Only
Gate Ticket Eleven ¥1000 Tickets
  No Change Available. We Cannot Reissue The Tickets
Training Club Lesson to Prepare for Badge Test
People Who Aim For Badges Follows K'sTB. Please Call For Further Information

It is a complete reservation system

School opening day every day during the business term
Reservation by e-mail only.
Please fill in the following items and send us an email.
・Email address
・Desired booking date
・Entrance Class
・Number of people

About cancellation, receptionist

Please offer by phone within the school reception hours. (No cancellation fee required)
On the day of lesson: Reception is required on the day at the school 30 minutes before the start time.
Please note that it will be automatically canceled if the reception can not be completed on that day by the time.
(Please note traffic jam etc.)
※ When you arrive at the time of arrival, please be sure to offer by phone.
Changing time after cancellation will be available on the day of application,
so it will be applied in order of reception at the site.


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